SmartPacks stand out as the simplest-to-install and most economically efficient low-voltage room controllers on the market. These devices efficiently manage a single zone of relay and/or 0-10V dimming. They come standard with Bluetooth® connectivity, enabling effortless configuration through Touché's intuitive and complimentary mobile app, a feature commonly found in Touché's room manager platform. Each module is self-addressing, eliminating the need for any initial setup or configuration for default control.
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  • SmartPacks are single-room, single-zone, stand-alone controllers.
  • SmartPacks come standard with a 0-10V dimming channel that can sink or source a 0-10V, 100 mA of dimming driver load.
  • Modules can be mounted in plenum ceiling spaces and are UL2043 listed.
  • Standard CAT5 patch cables interconnect this module to smart sensors and smart switches. Up to (10) smart devices can be connected to this module. All sensors and switches auto-synchronize when connected.