Dim Pack

Set for an early 2024 release, this Dim Pack is designed to be mounted to the junction box, where it efficiently transforms a 0/10V signal into a line voltage dimming control. Our in-house development of this Dim Pack ensures a seamless and reliable dimming protocol converter. Notably, it offers the flexibility of field-selectable forward or reverse phase options. Stay tuned for further updates on its remarkable power capabilities.
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  • This Dim Pack is designed for junction box mounting and converts 0/10V signals into line voltage dimming control.
  • Developed in-house, this Dim Pack guarantees a smooth and dependable dimming protocol conversion, ensuring reliable performance.
  • It provides the convenience of field-selectable forward or reverse phase configurations, offering flexibility in dimming control.
  • Stay tuned for updates on its impressive power capabilities as we approach the release date.