Emergency Shunt

Smart Emergency Shunt Control Modules broaden the scope of load control zones that a Room Manager can manage. These modules hold UL924 as emergency shunt control units, which means they activate the connected load in case of a power loss at the associated Room Manager. These modules are offered in two variants: relay-only or 0-10V dimming control. They are self-addressing and need no initial setup or configuration for default control.
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  • Smart Emergency Shunt Control Modules provide Room Managers with expanded capabilities to oversee and control many load control zones.
  • These modules are UL924 listed, ensuring that they can automatically activate connected loads when the normal power source is lost at the associated Room Manager, enhancing safety measures.
  • These modules cater to diverse lighting control needs in relay-only and 0-10V dimming control variants.
  • The modules are designed for effortless integration. They are self-addressing and require no initial setup or configuration for default control, making the installation process seamless and user-friendly.