RS-232 Serial Interface

The RS-232 Communication Interface (CI-RS232) offers a straightforward way to connect Touché's network of lighting control devices with a wide range of third-party devices capable of communicating through "string" commands. This includes devices like audio/video systems and motorized blind controls. Setting up this interface is a breeze with Touché's non-licensed system configuration software, eliminating the need for complex procedures and streamlining the configuration process for this powerful device.
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  • The RS232 Communication Interface (CI-RS232) employs a standard 9-pin D-style female socket for seamless connection to third-party devices.
  • This interface serves as a simple means of connecting Touché's primary network with a wide array of third-party devices, such as audio/video systems, capable of communicating through "string" commands via an RS232 serial connection.
  • Utilizing Touché's standard non-licensed system configuration software, setting up this module is a hassle-free process that eliminates complex procedures and additional configuration steps, ensuring user-friendly operation.
  • This interface supports both input and output messaging. It allows messages from third-party devices to trigger preprogrammed events within the Touché network. Conversely, messages representing events in the Touché network can generate actions in third-party devices, facilitating seamless integration and automation.