SMAOS Quick Mount

Touché introduces the Quick Mount SMAOS Sensor (combining occupancy, vacancy, and photo sensing in a single unit). This groundbreaking advancement significantly streamlines installation by employing a spring-loaded mounting design. This revolutionary approach slashes installation time in half, enabling contractors to allocate more attention to other project aspects, ultimately boosting overall efficiency.
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  • Quick Mount SMAOS Sensor seamlessly combines occupancy, vacancy, and photo-sensing controls into a single, all-in-one sensor unit, eliminating the need for separate devices.
  • This device uses an innovative spring-loaded mounting design, dramatically reduces installation time by 50%, allowing contractors to complete projects more swiftly.
  • With quicker installation, contractors can divert their resources and efforts toward other critical aspects of their projects, ensuring improved project management.
  • The Quick Mount SMAOS Sensor not only simplifies sensor integration but also contributes to the overall efficiency of lighting and control systems, enhancing the functionality of the space.