SMAOS Wall Mount and Corner

Touché will unveil the SMOAS Wall Mount and Corner options for our SMAOS ceiling-mounted sensor. These innovative variants facilitate sensor placement in room corners, effectively addressing field-of-view challenges or mounting them on walls. This is ideal for spaces such as atriums where ceiling sensors may not be suitable. Like the SMAOS ceiling sensor, these options seamlessly auto-synchronize with all other SMAOS sensors and wall controls, providing a remarkable level of integration.


  • This device enables strategic sensor placement in room corners or on walls, optimizing their performance.
  • Addresses field-of-view challenges by accommodating corner placement for comprehensive coverage and wall mounting in areas like atriums, where ceiling sensors might not be the best fit.
  • Like the SMAOS ceiling sensor, these new SMOAS options synchronize with all other sensors and wall controls, ensuring a cohesive and integrated lighting control system.
  • With the SMOAS Wall Mount and Corner options, Touché offers a versatile solution that enhances sensor flexibility and simplifies control and automation across your entire lighting network.