Decorator-style Smart Switch

The Decorator Smart Switch combines style and functionality with its eye-catching design tailored to aesthetic preferences. While functionally similar to our SS-2B two-button switch, the SS-DEC elevates the switch's appearance to decorator-grade standards while retaining proven functionality and control. This device has been crafted with specifiers, catering to scenarios where aesthetics is paramount.
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  • The Decorator Smart Switch is meticulously designed to elevate room aesthetics, offering a visually appealing switch solution.
  • Its functionality mirrors our two-button switch, the SS-2B, ensuring it retains the proven control capabilities while enhancing the overall appearance.
  • The SS-DEC is ideal for specifiers who prioritize aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for settings where visual appeal is paramount.
  • This switch seamlessly combines style and functionality, offering an attractive design and reliable control, catering to the needs of discerning users.