Two-button Smart Switch

The Two-Button Smart Switch offers an intuitive interface for controlling room lighting through scene and zone modes. Users can easily toggle on/off functionality with two straightforward buttons and adjust light levels up or down. The Smart Switch features an integrated LED bar graph indicator that visually reflects the current light intensity within the room or zone, providing immediate feedback. Its tactile metallic buttons not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure robust durability.
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  • The Two-Button Smart Switch provides a seamless interface for managing room lighting, offering control options for both scene and zone modes.
  • With just two user-friendly buttons, users can quickly turn lights on/off and fine-tune light levels, making it straightforward to achieve the desired effect.
  • Featuring an LED bar graph indicator, the Smart Switch visually displays the room's or zone's current light intensity, ensuring users have immediate feedback on their lighting adjustments.
  • The Smart Switch communicates seamlessly through Touché's Smart Net, simplifying setup for a better experience.