Mini Color Wall Station

The Mini Color Wall Station represents a versatile wall station equipped with a color capacitive touchscreen display that you can configure to your preferences. The WS-C-MINI's high-resolution backlit screen ensures the straightforward reading of button information. This device offers the convenience of both scene and individual zone control, all wrapped in a sleek and modern form factor.
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  • The Mini Color Wall Station, or WS-C-MINI, is a flexible wall station featuring a customizable color capacitive touchscreen display.
  • With its high-resolution backlit screen, the WS-C-MINI guarantees precise and effortless reading of button information, even in low-light conditions.
  • This device provides the convenience of both scene control and individual zone control, offering a broad spectrum of control options to suit various needs.
  • These features come packaged in a stylish and contemporary form factor, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your control system.